The gospel is AMAZING

This video is simply amazing and moving. To summarize really quickly, there was a missionary family that went to this tribe in Papua, Indonesia to preach the gospel. At some point they left, and now they are returning fifty years after they first arrived with their children who are all grown up. You can see through the video how the gospel has changed not just one tribe, but through one tribe, many tribes! This gives me hope and passion and happiness to know that God is changing the world and transforming it and redeeming it back to himself with or without me.

The gospel truly makes all things new, hence the title of the video: NEVER THE SAME 😀

As for what’s going on with me. Got a prelim tomorrow. Senior year is crazy. Lots of stuff on my mind. More on that later. Blogging is slow. Would love to do more. Pray for the crazy seniors please.

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  1. Love this video. I might repost it myself.

    And Papua isn’t in Africa but Indonesia haha.

    1. whoopsss haha i shall edit!

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