This is a music video that speaks to some truth in life and especially even in all of humankind. This truth is that we have a need in life and we try to fill it with anything we can get our hands on. The bad thing about the song, probably aside from the profanity, is […]

Psalm 57

God’s been doing a lot of good to me through my reading of Psalms lately, and especially these day. So main context is that this is essentially King David’s journal and contains his thoughts and prayers. He’s basically always being hunted after and people always want to kill him and he just brings everything, all […]

Trust in God

Hey guys, So I mentioned that I would be posting about some small things that I’ve been learning these days and even this past semester. One theme I’ve been learning throughout this whole semester is that I really need to learn to trust God more. What does that even mean or look like? Well, I’m […]

Hezekiah’s Prayer

I think a decent amount about this idea of revival. When I read the Bible, there are definitely acts where God steps into a person or group of people’s lives in a great and miraculous way. There’s also something that comes even before these acts, and it’s humble and God centered prayer. In order for […]

Baller King

So I’m currently reading through 2 Kings in the old testament. There’s definitely a pattern that comes in when a person reads this and that is that the Kings don’t obey God. Every chapter seems really similar, there’s a king, and he doesn’t follow God and his commandments, bad idea. Then once in a while, […]