Reflection and Growth

Dear friends,

I hope that you’re all well and I pray for you in Christ Jesus. I’m praying for both truth and grace to be spoken over your life. Winter break is an amazing time and opportunity for you to grow in your faith and I hope that you will not waste this opportunity. I also wish you all a Happy New Year. As you’re probably making your New Year’s resolutions, I hope that you will take some time to reflect on your relationship with Jesus and how you can be intentional about making this year one of intimacy and boldness through the saving Gospel of Jesus.
I suggest to you these 5 categories for reflection, meditation, and prayer. Under each category I’ve also written some clarifying questions to help guide you.
  1. Praise
    1. How can I be in awe of who God is and his attributes?
    2. How can I be in awe of what God has created?
    3. How can I be in awe of how God has saved a sinner like me and use me?
  2. Thanksgiving
    1. What has God given to me that I should be thankful for?
    2. What has God saved me from?
    3. Who has God saved me from becoming?
  3. Repentance
    1. What sin do I need to confess in my life?
    2. How can I pray for God to keep me from temptation and Satan?
    3. How can I repent of my non-belief?
  4. Surrender
    1. What are some areas in my life that I’m keeping from God?
    2. Why am I holding these areas back?
    3. How can I give them up to Jesus and His plan for my life?
  5. Obedience
    1. What are some instructions that God has given to me that I need to obey?
    2. How can I better and more lovingly serve God?
    3. What are areas I have refused to obey in the past and need to obey now?
I hope this will be helpful to you for your spiritual health now and provide a clearer insight into further growth.
Next I would like to present to you two opportunities to join me in this coming year. I am only interning one year and I would love for you to join me in these opportunities to grow in your faith. If you can only make one, I would suggest the latter of the two. Definitely talk to the parents about them soon.
  1. Epicenter Experience Winter Conference
    1. Jan 17th-20th
    3. It’s a great 3 day conference before school starts that will help you to get your mind set on Christ and how to live for God and love Him with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.
  2. East Asia Summer Project
    1. May 21st – July 3rd
    3. This is a 6 week summer project halfway around the world where you will be taking classes and learning how to reach out to and share the gospel with other students.
    4. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start support raising!
Let me know how I can be praying for you guys as well!