Guatemala Update 2/22/12

Hi friends and supporters!

I just wanted to update you on how I’m doing and how God’s been working through me in this process these days. For the friends that have supported me already, I really just want to thank you so much! It’s really just been a blessing and encouragement to see you guys partnering with me and to see God just using all of us together on this mission. For people who are praying, please continue to do so! I’m so glad to have people who are interceding over me about this trip and I know that God hears every word you pray. If you would like to donate, that would be awesome!

Financial Support Update:

As of right now, I am at 65% of my financial support goal and still have $630 to raise! It’s been slowing down these days, but I know that God is faithful and I’m so grateful for everything He’s shown me through this so far. The deadline is March 1st, which is a week away, so please continue to be in prayer for me.

So if you’re still interested in supporting me, feel free to email me at for a physical or electronic copy of my support letter, which can also be found on the Guatemala Trip tab up top. Or you can donate online through PayPal, which there is also a button for on the right side of my blog or a link here. Thank you all so much.

Prayer Requests:

  • I think that I still have the same prayer requests as last time so I just copied and pasted them.
  • First, it would be sweet to be able to reach my financial support goal first and I would love it all if you could pray for that as well. $1800 by March 1st.
  • That God would humble me on this process of preparing to go down to Guatemala City to serve people who don’t have as much as I do and yet still praise the Lord every day.
  • That people would continue to partner with me both in prayer and financially as I prepare to go to Guatemala City.
  • That I would learn some basic Spanish before I go as well.
  • That God would be working on the heart of my dad as well since he’s also going with me which is totally a blessing. I hope you’ll pray with me for a miracle on this trip.
  • That I would be an encouragement to my teammates as well as we prepare and raise support together.
  • For Hope Renewed International, the organization we’re partnering with when we’re over there. I’m so excited to go there and see how God’s working through them in their ministries to the ghettos, the dumps, orphanages, and women’s prisons. Definitely check out their website!

Stuff to share:

So recently on campus, my organization, Campus on a Hill, put on LIGHT 12, a missions event dedicated to praise, exhortation, prayer for the nations, and resources for missions. We had several Cornell alum there, including the main speaker Andy Stearns. He talked about how all of life is missions and how we can all live out the great commission everyday in all spheres of life. It was very exciting to hear him talking about how he has used the gifts and passions God’s given him to share the gospel to his co-workers in the workplace while raising money for orphans being taken care of by World Vision, the humanitarian aid organization his father runs.

Another alum, Iris Liang, is the CEO of Videre, an organization that’s vision is to do missions through business. They equip entrepreneurs in Africa to be better businessmen while at the same time being intentional about using their business and daily life to share the gospel with those they interact with. It’s so encouraging to hear about how once again, God was using their gifts to advance His kingdom on this earth.

This event was definitely an encouragement for me to really seek out my passion and follow God faithfully so that I can use it to advance His kingdom on this earth.

Thank you so much for praying for me and supporting me financially. I hope to keep you all updated as I come closer to my trip!

William Poon